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You could hardly find a more intriguing day-trip out from San Diego than Tijuana , just over the border in Mexico. It offers a quick taste of Mexico's many delights, as well as some of its defects. To get to downtown Tijuana, you can either catch a bus at the border or simply walk across the bridge and take a cab but we highly recommend to book one of the Tijuana / Mexico tours or hotels in advance. While far from the most culturally rich place in Mexico, every year twenty million people cross here from the US.
Mexican Border

Most of them are Californians and tourists on day-long shopping expeditions, seeking somewhere cheap and colorful to spend money on blankets, pottery, cigarettes, tequila, dentistry, car repair, and, more recently, pharmaceutical drugs - available through many of the town's cut-rate pharmacies and usually without a prescription. Keep in mind, though, that while everything is lower-priced in Tijuana than in the US, the quality and safety of the merchandise are sometimes questionable.

Welcome to Tijuana
Although you can't help but be made aware of the vast economic gulf separating the two countries - you're immediately confronted by shabbily dressed food vendors and children selling woven bracelets and gum - Tijuana is, in fact, one of the wealthiest Mexican cities, and somewhat safer than it was a decade ago.

Streets of Tijuana
The main streets and shopping areas are a few blocks from the border in downtown, where the major thoroughfare is Avenida Revolución. Stroll around for a while to get the mood and then retire to one of the many bars and watch the tourist throngs lubricate themselves with potent margaritas. The Tijuana Cultural Center, a multimillion-dollar showcase displaying exhibits about Mexico's people, events and culture, is well worth a visit. The center's Museum of the Californias provides a great overview of the Baja California peninsula and includes interactive exhibits, replicas of Baja's most important missions and dioramas of desert flora and fauna.
Among waiting Cars
Among waiting cars
At night, the action mostly consists of inebriated North American youths dancing themselves silly in flashy discos and rowdy rock'n'roll bars. Iguanas-Ranas (Avenida Revolución at Calle 3; tel 66/85-14-22) is a good example, and for big food and revelry, check out Tia Juana Tilly's (Avenida Revolución at Calle 7; tel 66/85-60-24), where you can sample traditional Mexican specialties such as roast pig and chicken mole (mo-lay).

Mexican Food
Mexican food is tasty and spicy
Heavy traffic, and insurance problems, make crossing into Mexico by car a risky business; from San Diego you can take either the Trolley ($4 round-trip) or bus #932 from Santa Fe Railroad Depot. We do offer risk free daily trips to Tijuana, Risarito Beach or Ensenada. However, if you do decide to drive into Mexico, invest in auto insurance, which can be had for as little as $10 per day in San Ysidro. Dollars are accepted as readily as pesos, so there's no need to change money , though prices are better if you do. Border formalities are minimal: you only need a Mexican Tourist Card (free from consulates in the US or at the Mexican Customs office just inside the Tijuana side of the border) if you're planning to go further than 75 miles into the country or stay for more than three days.

Rosarito Beach
Only 18 miles from the border, Rosarito has long been a favorite of visitors looking for a getaway with an international difference. It's part of the region known for endless beaches and desert hills - a soothing backdrop for every taste. Unpack and enjoy the region's warm hospitality and Mexican flair. From luxury resorts with every amenity to oceanfront condos, hotels and RV parks, Rosarito spells welcome. It's an ideal setting for large get-togethers. So if you're planning a special event, wedding, or anniversary, you've picked the right location. What's your passion? Golf? Horseback riding? Rosarito has an 18-hole course just north of town and miles of riding trails to please the most avid wanderer. And when you're through, cool off with a refreshing dip in the surf, a leisurely walk on the beach, or just lie back and sink your fingers and toes in the warm sand.....

Musicians in streets of Tijuana
San Diego City Tour Plus Tijuana Mexico You begin seeing the most of what San Diego has to offer and you will find those favorite places to spend your valuable time while you are here. San Diego is very diversified and has many unique areas, ranging from the pristine coastal waters off La Jolla (meaning 'The Jewel') to Coronado Island, which is home to the world famous Hotel Del Coronado, to Old Town, the historic center and rich with the Spanish heritage. This tour is the key to unlocking the secrets of San Diego.
If you like to bargain shop for unique items, experience genuine Mexican cuisine, Tijuana is San Diego's friendly international neighbor to the south! Countless shops and cultural points of interest are there for you to explore. Book Now!

Tijuana Tour
It's only a short drive from San Diego, but you'll feel that you've entered another world when you leave the United States behind and enter Tijuana, Mexico. A must for bargain shoppers, lovers of Mexican cuisine, or those curious to see sights like the Old Bullring, the Avenue of the Heroes, and Plaza Rio. Book Now!

Ensenada Day Tour Step into another world as you enter the enchanting Mexican seaport town of Ensenada. Admiring the breathtaking views of the coastline wander around the alluring shops and soak up the Spanish atmosphere. Lunch is a treat with Mexican specialties, complete with a thirst-quenching Margarita for you to toast your success in opting to book such a great day out! Book Now!

Rosarito Beach
Take the tip from those in the know - the Rosarito Beach Hotel is the best place south of the border to escape the madness. Although well-known after the blockbuster 'Titanic' was filmed there, it continues to be a popular getaway to relax, horseback ride in the surf, enjoy the nightlife, or just laze the day away on a beach lounge. Tempted? Book Now!

Mexico & Lobster Tour - 1 Day Take an all inclusive adventure tour from San Diego down to Baja to ride an Atv Quad or Dirt Bikes on great trails and the sand dunes by the beach. Riders of all levels will get the chance to explore remote trails and to enjoy fascinating mountain views - simply the beauty of Baja California, Mexico. After our great rides we will enjoy a Lobster feast in famous Puerto Nuevo, some of the best cuisine in Baja! Book Now!

Last Minute Shopping
Last minute shopping at the border
Returning to the US, however, even within a single day, immigration procedures are stringent - even joking about smuggling weapons or illegal drugs can bring a humiliating interrogation, so be wary of saying or doing anything foolish. Hotels are cheap, with many low-cost lodgings close to the center. At the lowest end of the price scale is Hotel Jaliscense, Calle 1 #7925 (tel 66/85-34-91; up to $35); slightly more upmarket, La Villa de Zaragoza , Avenida Madero 1120 (tel 66/85-18-32; $50-75), has clean rooms with air conditioning and cable TV; and Camino Real, Paseo de los Heroes 10305 (tel 66/33-40-01, ; $100-130), best of all, has plush rooms and two fine restaurants and bars.

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